5 Tips For Healthy Skin

Do you find yourself with a lack of time to care for your skin and beauty? Well, here are some tips that we put together to help you pamper your skin for the best results and more importantly within a few minutes. Pamper yourself with the basics!
Well, here are some of those tips for you! hire a makeup artist


If you want to have clear and smooth skin, the number one rule is to get yourself a good sunscreen that will help to block out the harmful rays of the sun. It not only screens you from skin cancer due to the harmful UV rays, but it also shields your skin from being left all dried up. When you are buying a sunscreen make sure to get one with SPF 15 or above. It is best if you can avoid the sun from 10 am to 4 p.m. which is the time when the sun is the strongest! And if you need to go in the sun, make sure use a shield like a hat or an umbrella to avoid the rays.


Smoking is not only cancerous to the body but it is so to the skin as well. You need to completely quit smoking if you want to have a glowing skin. Smoking will make the skin seems mature than it actually is. And it will definitely contribute to wrinkles. It will also narrow the vessels in the outer skin layer causing a reduction in the flowing of blood. This will result in the reduction of nutrients and oxygen and nutrients that are very vital for the skin. Smoking cigarettes also harms elastin and collagen— the fibers that provide your skin its strength and elasticity. No mobile makeup artist Melbourne however exceptional he or she is, will not be able to cover up the wrinkles in your skin caused by smoking!


You need to always moisturize your skin well. You need to ensure that you use a good moisturizing cream as soon as you have a bath. And avoid having long hot water showers on a daily basis. As this will be more damaging to your skin. As they will get rid of the skins natural oils leaving them rough and sometimes dry! Even a mobile makeup service that I once hired told me the reason for the dry skin was the excruciatingly long hot water baths that I took on a daily basis!


You are what you eat is always an applicable saying! Unless you are able to control your diet with all the healthy food items, you will be unable to maintain a healthy skin. Keep in mind that it is very important to intake a lot of water as well. As it will ensure that your skin is hydrated and looking good as ever! Eat plenty of fruits and vitamin C rich food. Also low fat products are said to be good options too!