Choose Right And Have Fun!

Just like most of the games invented Bouncy castles also have different types, variations that make each castle purpose different from one another- this fact often catch people by surprise, who would think a bouncy castle would be this complicated, but it is. These differences occur in size, type of material used, outlook and many more. Hiring a bouncy castle is the best way to spend a great weekend with family and friends There are basically two types of bouncy castles you should know about, that were made according to requirements of people. This article will help you realize the difference and help you choose what suits you.

Overall look

When kids jumping castle hire Werribee– which is the number one type, the overall look of the bouncy castle will be different. The themes that go along with children’s preferences are mostly used as the background and interior of a bouncy castle.Whereas when it comes to adults jumping castle hiring – the second type, you can see the overall look will be different when comparing to children’s one. This difference occurs with preferences as well as the difference of materials used in the two types of bouncy castles. The type two bouncy castle will have more dark plain colors, not themes cartoon characters.

The Size.

Children’s bouncy castles are smaller in size than the type two bouncy castles the reason for this is pretty obvious since type two bouncy castles will have elders playing it with bigger boy structures than children, therefore, these vary in size. Children – type one bouncy castles are very small in size and doesn’t need a lot of space to use.

The Strength.

As we all know elderly individuals weigh more than kids, therefore it is essential to make the second type bouncy castles stronger than the other. This does not mean that the first type is not strong enough, it has the ability to hold the weight of any number of youngsters. This difference in the reinforcement is achieved through the use of different materials for the two types of bouncy castles.

These are the main points one should focus on when hiring a bouncy castle according to your needs and you should know that the material used plays a major role on the strength and durability of the bouncy castle, the better the material the safer you will be! , many people are not aware of this, so its time to choose right and have fun.