What Is Meant By Electrical Testing And Tagging?


Testing and tagging is a name of a process through which the safety of the portable device is always checked. This procedure is mostly done to lessen the danger of electrical hazards and to save the people who came in contact with these appliances. After testing the electrical appliances these equipment are tagged to ensure these devices are safe to use. Tools and equipment with any defect and damage are tagged for a retest. This process of testing and tagging in melbourne increases your safety in the home and workplace as well. Testing has two procedures, visual testing of a device or equipment or electrical testing to check whether these items are electrically reliable or not.

Testing of defects in your appliances

There are many types of defects that can be in your appliance. For example unravel wires and cable, when safety switches stop tripping, damaged wire, leaking of the current from appliances wires, leakage of moisture or chemical from a device, ground system problem in your appliances and other insulation problems regarding the equipment. Testing conductor is most essential part in testing any appliance because in case if your conductor is damaged you have to face serious consequences. Multi meters and an insulation tester not always test properly. These devices cannot detect completely unless there is an exact break in the conductor.

Colourful tags according to month

In construction and obliteration industries, coloured tags are required to notify in which month the appliance or device is last tested. Like in January and September the colour of the tag is red, in February and July there is blue, in March and November there is orange, in April and August its colour is green, in May and December it is white, and in the last in June and October it is yellow. There are no requirements for colour tags other than the construction and obliteration industries.

The standard for testing appliances

A check test of electrical equipment mostly take at least 1 to 2 hours to completely inspect it electrically. It lies on the size of your equipment or device. To test the portable devices according to the Australian standard there are test and tag machines and PAT testers. These machines have the ability to pass or fail your appliance on the standard of AS/NZS 3760.

Best service providers for electrical testing and tagging

You can test your appliances from Tony’s test and tag. These are experienced service providers all around Victoria, Australia. They provide their services in electrical testing and tagging, RCD (designed to lessen the electric shock while working with it) single, 3 phase, and testing commercial and rural devices and other equipment.